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Enjoy the Convenience of Teletherapy

Not Able to Get to an Office Appointment? 

Life can be busy and sometimes it isn't possible to make it to an office for a session. Teletherapy gives you the flexibility to have your session from any remote location within New Jersey, without having to take the time to travel. 

How Does Teletherapy Work?

Teletherapy sessions take place through a secure platform that is available on Magnolia Psychotherapy's secure Patient Portal. When it is time for your session, you can log into the portal from any location within the state of New Jersey using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  You will first enter a virtual "waiting room", then moved into your session when it is time for your appointment. It's that easy! There is no need to download any specific software or app and you do not need a different "link" for each appointment.  

What Do I Need For Teletherapy?

If you have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone that has a secure connection, access to a phone (in the event there is an interruption in the connection) and can find a private location where you feel comfortable talking and likely won't be disturbed, you are most likely eligible for teletherapy.  

One of the main requirements that would guide your eligibility for teletherapy is your physical location at the time of the session. I am licensed to provide services in the state of New Jersey but cannot practice across state lines.  Teletherapy is based on the client's physical location during the time of the service, which means that you must be in the state of New Jersey during your session.