Therapy for Student Athletes

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Student Athlete Counseling

Collage of young athletes playing different sports. Teen athletes face the same pressures as other teams, plus the pressure of their sport. Psychotherapist, Milissa Aronson, understands these unique needs and specializes in counseling student athletes. Student-athletes have a unique set of therapy needs!
Besides dealing with the stresses and mental health challenges that all teens face, athletes are managing additional pressures related to their sport(s). They are managing demanding schedules, feeling accountable to coaches, teammates, schools, and fans, intense physical demands required for their game, the pressure of having their successes and mistakes on display, and potentially form-fitting or revealing uniforms- to name only a few examples! 
Seeing a therapist who can provide sports psychotherapy can help an athlete feel safe enough to work through these issues in a setting that won't criticize or threaten their love of their game or continued participation in sports.

Below are some of the areas in which I specialize in helping athletes:
Increasing Coping Skills 
Performance Anxiety
Adjusting to Injury Restrictions
Coping with the Psychological Trauma from a Sports-Related Injury
Returning to the Game Following Injury
Transitioning from High School Sports to College Sports
Transitioning Out of Sports